Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a fantastic way to replace missing or failing teeth, helping to restore both your smile and your quality of life.

An implant is simply a small titanium post that is fixed to the jaw bone that acts as a foundation to support a porcelain crown or bridge. This technique is used to replace single or multiple missing teeth and is an effective, long term solution for those who have suffered from tooth loss. 

Dental implants are a great option and have many advantages; they are stronger and more durable than alternative options such as a bridge or denture, which often become loose or ill-fitting over time.

The benefits of implants include;

  • Helping to restore chewing function so you can enjoy foods previously too “difficult” to eat.

  • Helping you feel confident that your implanted teeth won’t move or loosen.

  • Providing a permanent solution for missing teeth.

  • They look, feel and function like your natural teeth, helping you feel more attractive.

  • They do not provide damaging pressure on your remaining natural teeth.

  • They improve your speech by eliminating or reducing the “fullness” of full or partial dentures.

  • They will help stop the progressive bone loss and shrinkage of your jawbone following the loss of a tooth.

There are many different types of implants, these include, single implants, multiple implants and implant secured dentures.  Our dentists and leading implantologist will discuss all the various options with you to find the best solution for your individual needs.


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